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Sadness and Joy in the Life of Giraffes


Tiago Guedes | John Doe

Script Tiago Rodrigues, Tiago Guedes
DoP João Lança Morais AIP

Production Design Fernando Ribeiro
Sound António Porém Pires
Editing Tiago Guedes, Jerónimo Rocha

Music Manel Cruz

Producers Frederico Serra


Maria Abreu, Tonan Quito, Miguel Borges



Fiction, 109'

with the financial support from Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, RTP and ICA

Distribuition Portugal Film


[2019] Prémio Revelação Atriz (Maria Abreu) | Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português [Portugal]

[2019] Melhor Argumento Adaptado | Prémios Sophia [Portugal]
[2020] Prémio Nico (Maria Abreu) nos Prémios Sophia [Portugal]
[2020] Melhor Longa-Metragem no Rome Independent Cinema Festival [Italy]

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Tristeza e Alegria na Vida das Girafas

Sadness and Joy in the life of giraffes addresses the theme of absence and of the pain of growth in a unusual (adj. which is not vulgar, rare) way. It tells us the story of a girl (s.f. 1. a female child; 2. a very young single woman) who, in order to solve a problem, decides to look for the only person she believes that can help her: the prime minister. The economic crisis, a teddy bear with suicidal tendencies named Judy Garland, the Discovery Channel, a black panther and the Russian playwright or Bulgarian scientist Anton Tchekhov are all part of this heroic adventure (sf 1. extraordinary journey, 2. unexpected event that comes and deserves to be reported, 3. chance).



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Tristeza e Alegria na Vida das Girafas
Girafas 3
Tristeza e Alegria na Vida das Girafas
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