Nic & Sune

Nic&Sune (Nic Osborne & Sune Maroni) is a British/Norwegian directing partnership.

Their work is a nice blend of British humour and Scandinavian quirkiness combined with a strong feeling for characterandsituation.

Nic&Sune have done spots for global clients such as PEPSI, MCDONALDS, IKEA and COCA COLA and are firmly established in Europe,Asia and the US.

They have won most major international awards including CANNES LION and several golds in CRESTA and EPICA.

Their BERLITZ “Coastguard” spot became a cult classic across the world and was voted Hot Shot of the week in SHOTS magazine.

In the following year Boards Magazine, Canada, included Nic&Sune on a list of 10 best new directing talents worldwide

Sir Martin Sorrell is one of the most prominent figures in the advertising industry globally as head of the WPPgroup.

When asked to name his favourite commercial spot of all time, he was quick to answer Berlitz "Coastguard”. "It is hysterically funny. Quite simply hysterical" he says to Harvard Business Review.

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