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Founded in 2001, Take It Easy is a Cinema/TV, Advertising and Animation production company. Our main focus is on creating narrative films with relevance and originality, using different formats and visual approaches, from the most traditional to the most contemporary. We represent a variety of filmmakers, each with their own unique language and vision. We believe that strength lies in differences. At Take It Easy we look at the world and the future without barriers, always being open to new partnerships that result in innovative projects.

Among other projects produced, the films "Sadness and Joy in the Life of Giraffes ” by Tiago Guedes, the short film “An Avocado Pit” by Ary Zara, “Macabre” by Jerónimo Rocha and João Miguel Real, the series of cult television show “Odisseia” by Tiago Guedes, Bruno Nogueira and Gonçalo Waddington.

We are currently producing the series “Finisterra”, by Guilherme Branquinho and Leone Niel, and in the development and preparation phase of the new feature film “My Name is Luiza de Jesus” by Frederico Serra, director of "Wolf Child” who makes part of the “Lusitânia” series. Take It Easy has proven the quality of its productions, with an increasingly frequent presence at national and international festivals.


Take it Easy
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