Lance Kelleher

Lance is an advertising director with a vast international CV and a wealth of experience in the advertising world. His projects always translate into the final quality of each film, regardless of the degree of difficulty or budget.  

Born in New Zealand, Lance works all over the world. He began his career in news and documentaries and quickly moved on to directing video clips from Sydney to London before embarking on a career that has led him to direct advertising films in all four corners of the world.

His work has a strong aesthetic component, embracing themes of scale and

of scale and drama without ever losing emotion. With his vast international experience, Lance can easily create films where he combines camera effects with VFX and post-production.

His work can often be confused between music videos, short films and commercials, but his love of travelling and exotic locations with diverse cultures always results in films that stand out on their own.

The winner of several awards, he has filmed for brands such as IKEA, Jim Beam (Global), VW, Hyundai, Mazda and Westfield, to name a few, and is passionate about filmmaking and advertising in particular.

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