The short film directed by Ary Zara, produced by Take It Easy, with Elliot Page recently attached as Executive Producer, has achieved another important milestone in its international journey.

Producing in Portugal

At the heart of a great production is an even better team, and over many years we have built strong and long-lasting relationships with a full range of creatives, craftspeople, and collaborators to deliver above and beyond, whether the project is large or small.We have highly qualified multilingual teams and cast who we can trust to give you the best quality for your projects, with competitive salaries compared to our European counterparts.We have studios and infrastructures that meet the standard at international level.

Being a small country Portugal can offer plenty of opportunities to inspire you and fulfill many scripts that may cross your desk. The country is home to endless sunny days and a broad range of stunning landscapes and includes remote islands, mountains, forests, gardens, plains, rocky slopes, valleys, rivers, lakes, jungles , atlantic white sandy beaches — as well as a wide range of urban and suburban architecture — from typical southern architecture in Lisbon, to a more European feel in Porto, in these cities you can find cutting edge architecture, city skylines and tracts of suburbia. We have an affordable cost of living, good hotel deals and high-quality cuisine.

Producing with Take It Easy

We have a full roster of talented directors experienced in any genre you can think of, able to deliver, content, motion, TVCs, and more. Our production services range from crew bookings & management to travel arrangements, from locations and insurances to talent & styling — and everything in between.We have an in-house editing room and a full-time editor and also an animation department that can make your storyboards.

Financing system

Portugal is a signatory to 12 bilateral film co-production treaties - France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, Morocco, India and Israel - and negotiations are also underway with China. ICA, our public funding system, has funding for co-production, with Portugal being a minority producer. In addition, Portugal is a member of the European Film Coproduction Convention, Eurimages, Ibermedia and the Ibero-American Film Coproduction Agreement, which allows for possible coproductions with more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. In addition, we have the Cash Rebate through the Portugal Film Commission, called PIC Portugal.


We have an in-house Green Consultant who can help from the outset to reduce the carbon footprint of your production.

Take it Easy
Film, Photo and Videotape

Sediada em Lisboa, a Take It Easy Film é uma produtora independente fundada em 2001, que se destaca 
pela sua constante pesquisa em torno de novas e alternativas linguagens na área do audiovisual.

Take it Easy
Film, Photo and Videotape

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