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He began his career as a copywriter for advertising agencies, where he worked alongside João Coutinho. Together they won a number of national and international awards, most notably the Grand Prix of the Portuguese Creativity Club in 1998 and the Golden Sun at FIAP. He then moved to New York where he studied cinema and moved into directing, working on music videos and advertising. In 2001 he founded TAKE IT EASY, so that he could work on more risky and authorial projects. From that time, he emphasises the importance of a great partnership he forged with Pedro Pires at Brandia (NovoDesign) and the YORN brand. Together they executed emblematic and unconventional campaigns. Meanwhile, TAKE IT EASY is now also producing for television and cinema. Shortly afterwards, Tiago Guedes accepted an invitation to direct Martin McDonagh's theatre play THE PILLOW MAN and decided to combine his directing career with his acting career. In advertising, he formed the international collective John Doe, with Stjepan Klein (Germany), Milovan Radovic (Peru) and Masataka Namba (Japan), and made films that have been shown at a long list of festivals, from London to Buenos Aires and Istanbul, including the Grand Prix they received at Cannes in 2007 in the Viral Marketing category, and the film "Pimp my ride" they made for Blaupunkt. Alternating between all these areas, the last twenty-odd years have been very busy, achieving relevant results in all areas and winning several awards and appearances at national and international festivals. In cinema, the highlights are the Official Competition at the Venice Film Festival in 2019, the TIFF in Toronto in 2019 and the Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022. In television, highlights include the first ever Portuguese production for NETFLIX, GLÓRIA in 2021, and the cult series ODISSEIA written together with Bruno Nogueira and Gonçalo Waddington. In theatre, he has directed plays by Peter Handke, Dennis Kelly, Henrik Ibsen, David Harrower and Martin McDonagh in such emblematic venues as the D.Maria II National Theatre, the São João National Theatre and the São Luiz Municipal Theatre, among others.

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